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A family holiday tradition ... it's good for the soul!

Bigmama's Famous Louisiana Sweet Potato Pie

Bigmama's Sweet Potato Pies have always been a special treat, because she pretty much only cooked them during the holidays.  And, she had to cook plenty of pies!  We were so happy to get them that we had Sweet Potato Pie for dessert, Sweet Potato Pie and chittlins as a snack, and the favorite was cold Sweet Potato Pie for breakfast!

There was some much care in making the Sweet Potato Pies.  Bigmama would meticulously mash the cooked sweet potatoes through a strainer to ensure a smooth puree.  She'd then mix the mashed sweet potatoes with her special ingredients for a delicious filling; to be baked in her famed hand rolled butter pie crust. 

A unique blend of sweet potatoes, warm spices and real butter baked in Bigmama's 'Lip Smackin' Butter Crust.  Try a warm slice Bigmama's famous Sweet Potato Pie with a touch of whipped cream topping……its smooth mouthwatering flavor is fabulous anytime of the year!