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A's simply scrumptious!



Bigmama's Country Style Blackberry Cobbler

When we were kids, Bigmama would take us to help her pick fresh blackberries so she could make "Berry" Cobbler.  A lot of times, we could find them right down the road.  She could always tell by our stained tongues that all of the blackberries didn't make it into the pail…she'd just smile, get tickled, and shake her head!

Bigmama would carefully add her special seasonings to the fresh blackberries.  She would roll the dough of her butter crust and line the bottom of the large roaster pan.  Then she would alternate adding the blackberry mix with lattice crust to make a three-layer crust "Berry" Cobbler.  It was so yummy!  And, if it was a special occasion, we would get homemade ice cream to go with it!

Everybody loves Bigmama's cobblers!  For years she cooked them for family meals, church dinners, and community gatherings. 

My Bigmama's Kitchen's Blackberry Cobblers are a tantalizing mixture of the finest ingredients; fresh blackberries, real butter, and spices -  wrapped in Bigmama's 'Lip Smackin' crust!   

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