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In the spirit of our family pecan's just downright good!

Bigmama's Legendary Pecan Pie

On land that has been in the family for over 100 years, there is an amazing treasure - the original pecan bottoms.  

Growing up, every fall we would ask  Dad "Are the pecans going to be good this year?  Is the price up on them?"  You see, as kids we looked forward to picking up pecans. Not only would they be used to make pecan pies and other holiday treats, but that is how we made our Christmas shopping money!

After the pecan trees were shaken, the dry husks would open, and the ripened nuts would fall to the ground.  We would spend hours picking up pecans and loading them into the crocus sacks. It was always a competition to see who had the most and heaviest sacks! We would then load up our pecans and Daddy would take us to the local feed store to sell them.  We would use the money from the sale of our pecans to buy Christmas gifts…it was so much fun!

In the spirit of our family tradition of fall pecan harvesting - Bigmama's Legendary Pecan Pie. The special filling has a warm and rich southern flavor, topped with fresh roasted pecans - sittin on top of Bigmama's signature 'lip smackin' butter crust!