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Bigmama-6-large.jpgNo written recipes or formal  measurements - just a spoon,  teacup, and the magic of her hands ... always perfection!

Our Bigmama

Our grandmother is the matriarch of the family; the epitome of love, faith, hard work, courage, strength,  and wisdom.  We respectfully and affectionately call her Bigmama!

Bigmama was born in the early 1900's in northern Louisiana.  She learned to cook by helping her mother prepare meals for the migrant laborers who worked in the saw mills of northwestern Louisiana.

When Bigmama married, her family moved to Oklahoma where she cooked and kept house for a prominent local family.  Always enterprising, in the 1950's she opened a hotel and café.  She provided room and board for many colored travelers, including workers commonly referred to as "Highliners", who traveled throughout the state clearing rights-away for electric transmission lines.

For years Bigmama kept a garden to make sure fresh vegetables were available.  She cooked for church functions, socials, family reunions, Negro baseball games, and her own businesses.  For nearly 80 years, many have enjoyed cooking from our Bigmama's kitchen.