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 Bigmama-1-mod.pngGrowing up, we loved going to Bigmama's house.  As soon as we'd step on the porch, her smile and the aroma would greet you at the door! 

Bigmama always kept food on the stove – just in case family or friends happened to stop by . . .  "Ya'll better get in there and get you something to eat!... Bigmama would always say.

 In the spirit of our family tradition, we invite you to enjoy Down-Home, Southern Style foods - consistent with those from our Bigmama's kitchen!

My Bigmama's Kitchen honors a tradition of southern hospitality, family gatherings, and of course Bigmama's down home Louisiana cooking!  You will experience Bigmama's time honored recipes that have been passed down through generations – rich with ethnic heritage. 

My Bigmama's Kitchen offers convenient premium quality food products based on the practices of Bigmama's authentic Southern Style cooking. We take extra care to ensure the products have the "made from scratch" quality, flavor, and look - consistent with those foods from Bigmama's original kitchen.